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How to Win the One You Want

How to Win the One You Want #60: SAMPLE Show You Care, But Don’t Say It!

Attention! Attention! A very important LoveTactic to follow. I know we’ve all done this, but you can’t say how you feel before the time is right. If you express your feelings too soon, you may just scare them off. It’s okay to show your interested, but don’t say it – either out aloud or in writing. Declaring your love or speaking of your future together puts a lot of pressure on someone who may not know what they want, even if you do. So don’t make them feel like it’s all or nothing. If seeing you implies a commitment that they’re not ready for…they may fly away rather than risk leading you on. You know people are drawn to situations that produce pleasure, not pressure. They’ll give up some of their freedom, but only after they’re convinced the trade-off is worth it. So you need to win them over by showing consistent, caring attention without saying anything that makes them feel they have to reciprocate your feelings. Now once your special someone is convinced you’re the one, there’ll be plenty of time to start receiving love in return.

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