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How to Win the One You Want

How to Win the One You Want #20: SAMPLE Understay Your Welcome

Did you ever hear the phrase 'Quit while you're ahead', well under staying your welcome is a powerful LoveTactic. The reason being that sometimes if you hang around too long the conversation can stall, and the moment may become awkward. Don’t let this happen. By under staying your welcome, the other person will want more of your company – even if they weren’t that interested in the first place! People always enjoy your company more when you’re available less. So be extremely aware of how much time you spend with the one you want. Leave on a good note, like when you’re having a good time. This LoveTactic means you should be the one to end the conversations, phone calls, and dates a little bit sooner than they may expect you to. If you let the other person say good-bye or good night first, well you’ve wasted a great opportunity to become more desirable in their eyes – and this is a virtual “step back” in winning them over. Let’s check in on the end of Tom and Sherry’s phone conversation.

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