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How to Win the One You Want

How to Win the One You Want #37: SAMPLE Create Competition

With the right level of compassion and sense of fair play, a great Love Tactic is to let the one you want know that they’re not the only game in town! This creates competition and stirs their desire. Date or be friends with others of the opposite sex…and don’t be afraid to flirt a little! Stirring up a little rivalry is one of the oldest and most effective ways to fan the flames of passion in someone. But many people are reluctant to use it. You’ve found the one you want, so why would you waste time with others? Two good reasons. One, you want your special someone to feel lucky to get you – so they have to believe they could be in danger of losing you. And two, dating or socializing with others helps to fill your own emotional need for companionship, which makes you a stronger and a more confident person. A little competition helps you radiate self-assurance and independence, making you more desirable to the one you want. In fact, if used correctly, it will ignite a Passion Bomb Explosion.

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