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How to Win BACK The One You Want

How to Win BACK The One You Want #4: SAMPLE Be Willing to Change and Grow

Alright, I am going to say it, the one word that many people dread and fear: CHANGE. Change is a necessary part of life, we all face it. Many times pride stands in the way, making change impossible and acting as a stumbling block in our goal to win back someone we´ve lost. Don´t let this happen! There is only one person you can change in this world… YOU! I know, I know, change isn´t easy, but it never was meant to be easy or quick. You should try to make slow, steady changes, don´t expect to see results overnight. If you tend to resist change, then this might be difficult for you. In fact, you might expect the other person to change. However, you must remember, you are the one trying to restore the relationship, so you should be the one to make the first changes. In order to make changes, analyze what went wrong. Jot down any failings that come to your mind, then figure out what you can do to rectify these problems. Finally it is time to implement your plan and put your changes into motion. Most importantly, don´t tell the other person you´ve changed... SHOW THEM. It will take time, but it will be the most effective.

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