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How to Win In Online Dating

How to Win In Online Dating #20: SAMPLE Don't say too much

Tom once reminded me of a proverb: “A fool utterith all his mind, but a wise man keepith it in until afterwards.” In other words, don’t talk about it until it’s over. Those are powerful words that you and I should all live by. Especially for those of you who are using online dating services. You know, everyone seems to be in a hurry today, and I say slow down, take it easy. Good things come in time. Don’t be in such a rush to say and do the right thing. Too often that tactic blows up in your face. You know, with the speed of today’s Internet, now more than ever, do you need to think first before touching that keypad. Send means send. And once you hit that button, whatever you were thinking at that moment, well, they’re gone. Good or bad, for better or worse, those words are no longer for your eyes only. They’re gone. Delivered instantaneously. So I hope that for your sake, your message is what you truly intended. Now, Tom has a great Abraham Lincoln story. Tom…

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